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Telescopic Boom Deployer

DSS is the only U.S. independent supplier of multi-segment Telescopic Boom Deployers for applications requiring very high deployed strength and stiffness, precise positional alignment, and deployment repeatability. DSS’s Telescopic Boom is comprised of multiple tubular sections that stow within one another to form a compact nested stowed package. The mast is deployed using a high force motorized leadscrew actuator and the overlapping tubular sections can be latched to produce a precisely aligned high-stiffness structure with zero-deadband. The system is broadly scalable in diameter (1-to-30-in DIA) and length (up to hundreds of feet in length) to accommodate nearly any application. The boom system is ideally suited for deployment of large payloads such as very large aperture mesh reflectors, precisely dimensionally controlled structures, optical payloads, and other high inertia payloads.

Telescoping Booms