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Open Lattice Mast (OLM) Deployer

DSS’s deployable Open-Lattice-Mast (OLM) is a lightweight coilable-type boom system. OLM stows to 2% its deployed length as three intertwined helices, and deploys into a linear configuration with three-sides and a deep triangular cross section to provide high strength and stiffness. DSS’s OLM-Boom technology is configurable as a lanyard self-deployed system, a nut-driven deployed system, or a carousel-deployed system and is ideally suited for instrument deployment applications, such as deployment of magnetometers, antennas, solar arrays, and/or other sensors. DSS is the only U.S. independent supplier of this technology.

Applications for the DSS’s OLM are broad ranging from high-precision (arc-second) optics deployment to very small/short or large/long spacecraft deployment systems (<1-m to >100-m boom length capability, and 6-inches to 1-m in boom diameter capability), with varying ranges of deployed strength and stiffness capability.

Harnessing/cable routing to tip-plate-mounted instruments are laced to the mast longerons with strain relief allowing for a direct connection without the use of complicated slip rings. For added thermal / dimensional stability applications a thermal blanket can be integrated to cover the entire structure in the deployed state, or a pre-built twist can be integrated within the structure construction to better balance the CTE of the three primary longerons.

DSS’s OLM Boom technology is capable of partial-length / mid-length payload integration and can be configured to be magnetically “clean” and/or electrically conductive if required. The technology is highly tailorable to optimize for stiffness, strength, stability and/or low mass, and has the highest specific stiffness performance metric (stiffness per unit mass) of any deployable structure