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Flexible Solar Array Systems

DSS’s patented and award winning ROSA Solar Array (Roll-Out Solar Array) is a simple highly modular elastically deployable tensioned blanket technology that elastically and immediately deploys in a known linear direction with high margin under its own strain energy. No complicated or expensive motors or controllers are required for deployment. Innovative stiff and strong tubular boom structures provide ‘integrated mechanism / deployment kinematic’ features with no complex mechanisms. The innovative deployable structure maintain stiffness during the entire deployment sequence. An Integrated Modular Blanket Assembly (IMBA) with common mass-produced photovoltaic modules / SPM’s provides a highly manufacturable assembly that accommodates all types and sizes of photovoltaics and concentrator technologies.

The ROSA technology eliminates many known problems associated with competing flexible blanket solar arrays. ROSA provides lighter weight, more compact stowage, more modularity, higher reliability, better scalability, low parts count, higher performance, and significantly lower cost than currently available solar arrays.

The ROSA technology is being implemented on the following flight programs:


ROSA Overview

ROSA Sequence

ROSA Med Class

ROSA Large Class

ROSA Giant Class

ROSA Lander Class