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Concentrator Solar Array Systems

DSS has developed and patented a high-performance radiation-hardened and LILT operable Functional Advanced Concentrator Technology (FACT) that enables mission operations within extreme environments, particularly missions with very-high radiation environments, low-intensity low-temperature (LILT) environments, and/or high-intensity high-temperature (HIHT) environments.  FACT is an affordable practical high-efficiency concentrator blanket assembly for ultra-lightweight solar arrays.  FACT coupled to an ultra-lightweight solar array structural platform (such as DSS’s ROSA) provides game-changing performance metrics in terms of high radiation hardness, ultra-lightweight, and unparalleled affordability for the end-user.  The FACT technology is also adaptable to standard rigid panel solar arrays.

DSS has also developed and patented a refractive Fresnel lens concentrator flexible blanket technology called SOLAROSA (Solar Optical Lens Architecture on ROSA).  SOLAROSA also enables mission operations within extreme environments, including very-high radiation and/or LILT environments. 

SOLAROSA Concentrator Array

High Concentration Array