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Company Profile

Deployable Space Systems, Inc. (DSS)

  • California small business founded in April 2008 - formed from ex-ATK/ABLE group
  • Small Business with Large Prime Contractor Systems Engineering Capability

Product & Research Area Focus

  • Deployable Solar Array Systems
    • Rigid Panel, Flexible Blanket, and Concentrator Systems with Crystalline or Thin Film PV
  • Deployable Structural/Mechanical Systems
    • Articulated Structures, Open-Lattice Structures, Booms, Elastic Deployable Structures, Roll-Out Booms, Deployable Reflectors, Deployable Occulters / Sun Shades
  • Subsystems
    • High efficiency photovoltaic flexible and rigid blanket/panel assemblies (with PV partners), Launch restraint release systems, Mechanisms and actuators (spring/motor driven)

Core Competencies

  • Innovative Mechanical, Structural and Solar Array Deployables Design
  • Prototype Hardware Oriented Technology Development Approach

Customer Base

  • AFRL, NASA GRC, NASA JSC, NASA GSFC, JPL, Space Systems / Loral, Boeing, Orbital,
    Ball Aerospace, Northrop Grumman, Lockheed Martin, MDA, DARPA, NRO

Quality Management System

  • A9100C Certified and ISO 9001:2008 Certified

AS 9100C Certificate



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